About us

We are a team of proffesionals in the field of special education. Our team is working for the welfare of mentally challenged children. The name of our unit is SAMARPAN ,under society M.S WELFARE SOCIETY, a registered society under society registration act, along with 80 G certificate.. We are struggling very hard to provide better services & therapies to the target group. we take this opportunity to introduce our society (M. S .WELFARE SOCIETY) registered under societies regestration Act-1860 with registration no. DR/GGN/414 on 23rd March 2007. It got 80 G & 12A Certificate in April 2007. Samarpan under M.S.WELFARE SOCIETY is a multidimensional nonprofit organisation with its present office at 103 Mohyal colony ,near sec-40, Gurgaon. It is a psychoeducational & therapeutic centre with objects of total rehabilitation & integration of children with special needs including children with Down syndrome, Autistic children, Cerebral palsy , Slow learner. Since its inception , the society has plunged into selfless services which requires strong hands of action along with pure hearts & minds from where emerge divine sincere thoughts.The society aims at turning the special children into self reliant, responsible & socialized individuals. At present team samarpan is taking care of 17 mentally challenged children, though the noumber varies but the services are regular. Material benefits & money have not any importance for team samarpan.

The specially trained staff of Samarpan provides-
-Early intervention services
-Sensory integration therapy
-Special education
-Behaviour modification
-Speech therapy
-Occupational therapy

Samarpan is a non-profit voluntry organization registered in March-2007.The purpose of the unit is of helping the cause of developmentally disabled & minimal brain damaged children. The principal aims are:-
-To maintain a motivated dedicated & quality oriented team of proffessionals
-Educate & prepare special children to live with in the community, having achieved threefold self- dependence, physical, social & financial- to the best of their abilities
- To provide therapies & counselling appropriate to their needs
-Actively contribute to programmes towards building social awareness through appropriate media, conferences,seminars,workshop etc.
-Training programmes Samarpan has a trained team in the field of special education.Inhouse proffessional expertise is available in the form of speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, special education, sensory motor therapy.

Individual Education Programme-The programme looks at the child as a whole. Each IEP includes areas ofdevelopment including self-help, lnguage communication, motor development, personal & social skills & functional acedemics.

Samarpan offers specialised commercially oriented vocational training in a few courses like office assistence, textile, candle making, chocolate making etc.

Each child's speech & motor problems are scientifficaly evaluated & therapies like speech,O.T, Physio, sensory motor are provided to the children according to their need.