Rehabilation and training Center for children with special needs

The Services available to suit the various requirements are:

  • Early intervention Services
  • Sensory Integration Training
  • Special education intervention
  • Psycho education services
  • Psychological testing
  • Behavior modification program
  • Option of day boarding
  • Speech, language and communication intervention
  • Occupational therapy (being planned)
  • Physiotherapy (being planned)
  • Medical Management
  • Parent / family guidance counseling
  • Group activity
  • Multiple handicap unit (being planned)

EIS (Early Intervention Services)

The EIS centre develops and delivers program children below 6 years of age. The parent / caregiver accompanies the child in order to learn the necessary skills to carryout the stimulation at home. That covers areas such as:

  • Motor skills (Gross & fine)
  • Language and communication skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Self help skills


We have specially designed educational & therapeutic program to meet the unique needs of children with different challenges. The school curriculum mainly focuses on practical learning outcomes and preparing students for life in a wider community. Practical learning includes activities such as – shopping, banking, physical and recreational activities and a range of skills needed in post school living. Communication, academic, functional & domestic activities are foundation for these skills.

We also focus on developing:

  • Activities of Daily living
  • Community mobility and orientation
  • Educational & Recreational outings